In our numerous years of working with property management companies and homeowners, we have learned that tenants and homeowners will complete simple repairs if they have the tools and know-how.

You can download our “How To” videos
related to common tenant and homeowner repairs.

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Access ALL toolkit videos. This includes an introduction to your home, bathroom, kitchen, water, gas and electric issues along with how tenants can get their security deposit back.
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Introduction to your home. Locate main power, water and gas shutoffs and an understanding of main systems that you should know about in the event of an emergency.
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Learn to troubleshoot running toilets, clogged sinks, drains, showerheads and more.
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Learn to troubleshoot common kitchen issues including dishwashers that won’t drain, clogged sinks, faulty garbage disposals and more!
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Learn to troubleshoot common residential water and pressure issues including low water pressure at a shower head and bathroom faucets!
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Learn to troubleshoot common residential gas issues including lighting a gas water heater along with common residential electrical issues including faulty outlets and more!
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In our many years of work with property management companies, we’ve learned that most managers want to return deposits because it makes re-renting the property that much easier! In this download we give tips on how to get your security deposit back when you move.
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