Rental Repair Services

Are make readies and tenant repair requests KILLING your cash-flow??? Unique Home Maintenance helps landlords save $$$ on all make ready and repairs. How do we do this, you ask?? Here’s how!

  • Repair services billed on an hourly basis
  • Before and after pictures are provided to landlords 
  • We offer a “Residential Service Contract” that states all repairs under $300 (per repair) are automatically completed and billed to the credit card on file. Anything OVER $300 must be approved in writing through a written bid. 
  • We coordinate all appointments directly with the tenant
  • We communicate all updates and provide pictures and invoices via email. 

Capital Improvement Plans

At NO charge, we will evaluate your property and provide a detailed plan for capital improvements which can be spaced out over time.

Why is this important? We have found that landlords that DON’T plan or give proper attention to their properties end up paying A LOT more in repairs over time. Let us help you “bulletproof” your property and give it the proper attention which will minimize your expenses over time and increase your cash-flow as well!