In partnership with King Sovereign Farms (a non-profit corporation in Texas), we are offering FREE residential maintenance services to homeowners ages 60 and older in the Pearland, Manvel, Alvin communities.

We understand that many in this age group on on fixed incomes and may not be able to properly maintain their home.


We are offering community service opportunities to young adults that are also looking to learn a trades. We mentor them by teaching them the importance of service to the community as well as hands-on experience learning various trades skills such as painting, sheetrock and siding repairs and other common home maintenance repairs.

If you or a young adult you know is interested in our mentorship program, please complete the form below.

How can UM help you?

Property maintenance can be one of the most expensive aspects of the real estate industry after a property is purchased. We can help you minimize those expenses.

Easy ways to upgrade your home and add VALUE!

Simple upgrades to your home included paint, countertops, molding and much more can transform your home and add value and comfort.